Research commissioned by Centrica Business Solutions, reveals that UK firms spent £10.5bn on electric vehicles (EVs) and on-site charging points during the year to March 2021 but are now planning £15.8bn of investment in the same area over the next 12 months – a 50% increase year-on-year.

Centrica has been at the spearhead of EV fleet adoption since 2014, when it secured its first fleet of e-vans. Brian Bachelor, now Managing Director of E-Van Guru, and his team at West Way Nissan led this deal, notable as it was the first major e-van fleet deal at the time.

According to the Centrica research, UK firms are set to invest £15.8bn in electric vehicles over the next 12 months, a 50% increase in their spending in the year to March 2021.

Two-thirds (67%) of companies claim they are well-prepared to operate a fully electric fleet by 2030 when the Government’s ban on the sale of traditionally fuelled vehicles comes into effect.

Reacting to the research, Brian Bachelor, Managing Director of E-Van Guru said:

‘It’s encouraging to see that companies are planning to increase their spending so dramatically over the next 12 months on an EV fleet, and it’s definitely a trend I’m witnessing first-hand with my growing client base of fleet operators, who are looking for expertise to facilitate their migration to a zero-emission fleet.’

The research also highlights that four in ten (43%) of businesses that had not increased EV numbers at all and 10% had actually decreased their EV fleet size. Range anxiety was reported as the chief concern for a third (34%) of these firms, followed by the need to prioritise business investment elsewhere during the height of the coronavirus crisis (32%).

Brian Bachelor, commented:

‘On balance this research is hugely positive, however, range anxiety does remain a consistent barrier. However, I find this is easily overcome with the correct advice in terms of vehicle selection and charging infrastructure. This is where E-Van Guru is really excelling as we offer manufacturer-independent advice, supported by 30 years commercial vehicle experience making sure our clients get a practical and cost-effective solution when migrating to an EV fleet.

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