In response to evolving market demands and a growing interest from finance and leasing companies, E-Van Guru, a leader in electric (EV) and internal combustion engine (ICE) van solutions, is proud to announce the adoption of the LeaseLink system from Ebbon Dacs. This strategic move is set to revolutionise how E-Van Guru manages orders and deliveries, improving overall customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Historically, while LeaseLink has been popular among large car dealerships for its streamlined order processing capabilities, its application in the light commercial vehicle (LCV) sector has been less pronounced. Recognising this gap, E-Van Guru has taken a proactive step to integrate LeaseLink into its sales framework. This integration allows leasing companies direct access to E-Van Guru’s extensive inventory of vans, facilitating a smoother and faster ordering process.

The adoption of LeaseLink by E-Van Guru is not just about enhancing order processing. It also aligns with the company’s commitment to providing exceptional service levels. The system’s robust infrastructure ensures that all stakeholders, including funders and end-users, experience transparent and efficient service delivery. This is further complemented by the integration of MoDel, a cutting-edge delivery management system that provides real-time delivery updates to funders. This integration ensures that vehicles are paid for promptly upon delivery and offers a detailed image trail to document vehicle condition upon arrival.

By implementing these advanced technological solutions, E-Van Guru sets a new standard in the LCV industry for both efficiency and customer engagement. The move is expected to not only streamline operations but also enhance the overall purchasing experience, offering customers unparalleled support from order to delivery.

E-Van Guru is excited about the opportunities that LeaseLink and MoDel present and is eager to share these benefits with current and prospective customers. For those interested in learning more about E-Van Guru’s innovative approaches and how they can benefit from partnering with a leader in vehicle leasing and sales, the team is always available for discussions and to provide detailed insights.

As E-Van Guru continues to lead the way in sustainable vehicle solutions, its commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology like LeaseLink underscores its dedication to customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

For more information about E-Van Guru and its services, or to discuss potential collaborations, please contact us today. Let’s drive the future together, embracing innovation for a more efficient and sustainable vehicle leasing experience.