Find out how E-Van Guru can support business owners or fleet managers to accelerate the adoption of an e-fleet.

With 18% of the UK’s yearly carbon emissions currently coming from companies, there’s an urgent requirement for businesses to make more environmentally-responsible decisions, and adopting an e-fleet is key.

At E-Van Guru we can advise on the practicalities and benefits of adopting an e-fleet. We provide specialist support to procurement or fleet managers that are looking to migrate to an electric fleet. This includes advising on the ‘best’ available e-Scooters, e-Cars and e-Vans ‘to get the job done’ whether it is a factory order, or specialist conversion.

We can arrange vehicle demonstrations or longer trials, and once the ‘best’ vehicle has been identified we can secure competitive pricing and finance arrangements, for both the vehicle and the required charging infrastructure.

Whether you’re looking for support with a one-off project, or have an ongoing requirement, E-Van Guru has a cost-effective approach that will suit your business. Contact us to find out more.

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