Since announcing its collaboration with SilenceUK earlier this month, E-Van Guru reports an enthusiastic response from last mile operators, keen to source a proven fully-electric 2-wheel solution for their inner city delivery fleets.

Earlier this year, as part of its strategy to deliver a complete electric fleet solution to its clients E-Van Guru formed a partnership with SilenceUK, the largest specialist EV manufacturer in Europe.

In this important collaboration, E-Van Guru with its unrivalled fleet experience can now provide advice and support including technical specifications, grant applications, fleet pricing and financing arrangements to its clients’ – for any electric vehicle from 2 to 4 wheels.

Brian Bachelor, Managing Director of E-Van Guru commented:

‘The S02 LS (low speed) has really captured the imagination of last mile delivery operators as it’s the ‘all-electric answer’ to the traditional moped. It sits nicely in the popular 50cc band for younger riders, those who never need to go above 30mph and the more budget conscious.’

E-Van Guru authorised fleet dealer for Silence electric mopeds

The S02 LS is a supremely practical electric moped scooter for both personal and business needs. It is fully-electric, agile, light and economical and it comes with all the clever design conveniences and customisation choices of the other models. Notably, the ‘click and go’ trolley-style battery that provides a simple charging option (using a standard 240V socket and 3-pin plug). With the added security that once the battery is removed the scooter is immobilised.

E-Van Guru authorised fleet dealer for Silence electric mopeds

Brian Bachelor, Managing Director of E-Van Guru commented:

Electric scooters have been around for some time, however the Silence S02 range is the first of its breed that I’m delighted to recommend to my clients – it’s the ideal fully-electric choice as part of a heavy-use city fleet.  

With the entry-level low speed model priced at under £3k on the road, combined with its low running and servicing costs, it’s a compelling cost proposition, in addition to its green credentials. Additionally, all models are covered by a three-year battery and two-year manufacturer warranty, and come with two years’ AA roadside assistance in the UK.’

Who are Silence?

Silence was founded in Barcelona, Spain, in 2012, with the aim of developing fully electric scooters in-house and from the ground up. It’s the only electric motorcycle manufacturer in Spain to build its own batteries, and its 165-strong workforce currently produces the equivalent of 10,000 electric mopeds a year, with 21,000 examples sold to date. Silence has 70 sales locations around Europe and the UK is its first new market for 2021.

Legislative requirements:

  1. You can ride a standard electric scooter in the L1e category at the age of 16;
  2. If you are 16 or over, you must have a valid provisional driving licence. You must also have completed compulsory basic training (CBT) unless you obtained a full driving licence before February 1, 2001;
  3. On obtaining your CBT you must display L plates unless you obtained a full driving licence after February 1, 2001;
  4. You must apply for vehicle tax, even though there is no cost for this;
  5. The vehicle must be type approved, registered with the DVLA and display licence plates;
  6. Once the vehicle is three years old, you must obtain an MOT certificate each year;
  7. You must have valid insurance to ride on the road, and you must wear a helmet;
  8. To class as an L1e vehicle, the scooters are restricted to a maximum speed of 30mph like any other moped.

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