E-Van Guru has always enjoyed a close relationship with Silence UK, the sole importer of the Spanish built electric e Moto Scooter and have for many months marketed their products to the B2B market, securing multiple orders with leading grocery home delivery company Gorillas. The Silence scooter is truly the premium e Moto Scooter in the market with an 80+ mile range per charge and a removable battery, it boasts a running cost of £1.00 per 100 miles.

E-Van Guru are so impressed with this product and in response to customer demand have started an in-house rental and leasing business aimed particularly at the business operator who wants a fixed price solution including maintenance, brakes and tyres.

With clean air zones now charging fossil fuel scooters between £8 to £12.50 per day to enter their towns and city’s this product really does offer a cost effective “last mile delivery” solution.

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