E-Van Guru’s Six Steps to Migrating to An Electric Fleet.  

E-Van Guru’s mission is to accelerate the take-up of zero-emission vehicles by fleet operators. We understand that the switch to an electric fleet goes well-beyond the vehicle. We are brand-independent, working in collaboration with a comprehensive range of partners including vehicle manufacturers, charging infrastructure and connectivity software suppliers, vehicle converters and finance companies, ensuring fleet operators get the complete ‘electric’ solution.

We work with well-known electric vehicle manufacturers and dealerships including Mercedes-Benz Vans GB, Nissan, Maxus, Renault and Vauxhall in addition to new UK market entrants DSFK and Skywell.

Brian Bachelor Founder and Managing Director of E-Van Guru commented:

‘If you search the Internet, you will find lots of articles which offer advice to vehicle fleet managers about how to migrate to a zero-emission vehicle fleet. The good ones are packed with sensible advice about auditing your fleet, selecting your vehicles and charging infrastructure, and managing the transition. And whilst these articles are good at highlighting the benefits of an all electric fleet, they also highlight the complexity of the task ahead without offering an end-to-end solution, this is what E-Van Guru was created to deliver.’

Our government has committed by 2030 to phase out internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle sales. This announcement gives UK public and private sector organisations just 9 years to plan, implement and deliver a fundamental change in vehicle fleets, which represents around two fleet replacement cycles. The clock is ticking, and whilst the adoption of electric commercial vehicles has increased, this increase is from a low base, with UK organisations having a long way to go to meet the 2030 deadline. E-Van Guru is working with fleet operators to make the transition to an electric fleet much earlier, supporting organisations to meet their sustainability commitments, whilst delivering clear fuel and maintenance cost savings, and the ability to operate in clean air zones (CAZ) across the UK, without financial penalties.

This is achieved through our six step process to electrification, download our brochure here.

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