If you follow the news or read the daily newspapers I am certain you will have seen a lot of negativity in the press around Electric Cars (from certain newspapers anyway), this could be anything from charging infrastructure, cost of the products, range (including anxiety), even reporting how bad they are for the environment!

However, you will no doubt have also seen a lot of positivity coming from many of the manufacturers in the UK committing to the UK for their EV production. This investment is exciting for the UK, it shows that the manufacturers back the UK as a large part of the EV industry.

As well as this it secure thousands of jobs up and down the country, and boosts the economy with billions of pounds of investment in property, training, people, and transportation.

Some of the latest investments are below.

September 2023: BMW/Mini confirm they will spend £600 million upgrading their current factories to allow the new Electric Mini to be built.

September 2023: Stellantis UK announce their Ellesmere Port plant has switched over to build only electric vehicles.

July 2023: JLR owners confirmed a £4 billion investment into an EV battery factory in Somerset which will make JLR batteries and supply other manufacturers.

May 2023: Nissan to produce the new Nissan Leaf at the Sunderland plant. They will also spend £1 billion to create an EV hub which  will combine electric vehicles, renewable energy and batteries.

Pre 2023: Bentley to spend £2.5 billion to build an EV factory in Crewe which will build their first ever EV.

It is great to see so many different commitments from the manufacturers around the UK in future proofing the electric vehicle production in time for the 2030 legislation.