The Challenge

Lismore Community Transport, serving a small island community off the West Coast of Scotland, sought an electric wheelchair-accessible vehicle (WAV) tailored to their unique geographic and demographic needs. With a modest population of approximately 160, the requirement was for an efficient and reliable electric WAV that could handle the local terrain and provide autonomy within the limited charging infrastructure available.

The Solution

E-Van Guru, known for pioneering electric fleet solutions, engaged with Lismore Community Transport during a demonstration afternoon in Lockerbie. After understanding the charity’s specific needs, E-Van Guru facilitated the procurement of a Vauxhall e Vivaro Life 50kwh. This vehicle, with a range of 150 miles, was an ideal fit for the island’s operational radius. Additionally, E-Van Guru assisted in securing a grant for the purchase and advised on installing a 22kwh charging station to ensure seamless operations.

The Outcome

Phil and Brian from E-Van Guru personally delivered the customised Vauxhall e Vivaro Life to Lismore, including a ferry crossing, indicative of their commitment to client service. Their stay, hosted by the charity’s patrons, allowed for extensive familiarisation training for the island residents, ensuring the community felt confident in their new transport solution. The positive impact of this project extended beyond the initial delivery, with E-Van Guru providing ongoing support and guidance, even assisting the charity in acquiring a new MG EV estate car for their fleet.

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