E-Van Guru are working closely in partnership with SilenceUK. Silence Urban EcoMobility are a Spanish born company based in Barcelona, they are dedicated to designing and manufacturing two, three and soon to be four wheel electric vehicles and batteries. Silence are the biggest specialist EV manufacturer in Europe, they are also the only manufacturer to build its own batteries.

When we heard the Silence Scooter (Moped) was coming to the UK (under the SilenceUK name) we were super excited to work with them to accelerate the adoption of e-Scooters.

The Silence S02 Business+ is our most popular product offering. Great for delivery companies whether delivering post, groceries or fast food! The Silence has a removable battery which gives the user an option to purchase a secondary battery so the scooter never runs out of charge. The running costs are 0.01p per mile. All this from an electric scooter which is an affordable alternative to a petrol moped.

Silence also offer other products, for more information please get in touch.

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